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Kit Kat loves Dancin Dogs pet sitting

Sweet KitKat

KitKat is a little sweetie pie.  She loves to purr and cuddle.

Candyman & Yogi

Yogi & Candyman family members of Dancin' Dogs Boarding, Daycare and Pet Sitting

Father & Son at Doggy Daycare


Kitty and Grammie love Dancin' Dogs Boarding, Dog Daycare and pet sitting

Kitty and Grammie at Dancin Dogs Boarding

Kitty is a 7 year old Boxer.  She is a champion and has had many beautiful puppies.  Kitty loves to run and play.  She is very well behaved and comes when you call her…here Kitty Kitty…it’s so silly.


Max is a family member of Dancin' Dogs Boarding, Daycare and Pet Sitting

Old Man Max at Dancin Dogs Boarding

Max is a 13 year old Lab/Chow mix.  He still has lots of energy and loves to play.  He fetches balls and squeeks his toys.  He is always in a good mood and loves to tell us all about it!