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Kit Kat loves Dancin Dogs pet sitting

Sweet KitKat

KitKat is a little sweetie pie.  She loves to purr and cuddle.


Big Hugs for Dancin' Dogs Pet Sitting

Big Hugs

Sabrina can stretch her arms.  Imagine the big hugs she can give!!


Pet Sitting in Gainesville Florida

We love to pet sit for Bandit

Bandit is one mellow dude.  He loves hanging out on the back of the couch where he can keep track of all that is coming and going.


Cooper is a fan of Dancin' Dogs Boarding, Daycare and Pet Sitting

Cooper Kickin' Back at the doggie daycare

Cooper is a 4 year old Black Lab with a beautiful shiny coat and warm brown eyes.  Cooper loves to play fetch and always has his tennis ball with him.

Candyman & Yogi

Yogi & Candyman family members of Dancin' Dogs Boarding, Daycare and Pet Sitting

Father & Son at Doggy Daycare


Kitty and Grammie love Dancin' Dogs Boarding, Dog Daycare and pet sitting

Kitty and Grammie at Dancin Dogs Boarding

Kitty is a 7 year old Boxer.  She is a champion and has had many beautiful puppies.  Kitty loves to run and play.  She is very well behaved and comes when you call her…here Kitty Kitty…it’s so silly.