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Mojo A Dancin' Dogs pet sitting, doggy daycare and boarding fan

Mojo is one of pet sitting fans

Our buddie Mojo.  He may look like a big brute but is really very friendly.  He loves hugging on his babies.


Pet Sitting in Gainesville Florida

We love to pet sit for Bandit

Bandit is one mellow dude.  He loves hanging out on the back of the couch where he can keep track of all that is coming and going.


Max is a family member of Dancin' Dogs Boarding, Daycare and Pet Sitting

Old Man Max at Dancin Dogs Boarding

Max is a 13 year old Lab/Chow mix.  He still has lots of energy and loves to play.  He fetches balls and squeeks his toys.  He is always in a good mood and loves to tell us all about it!

“Yippy…It’s Dancin’ Dogs for me”

located just west of gainesville in jonesville

Yippy...it's Dancin' Dogs for me!

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Located in Jonesville, just west of Gainesville, Florida.