Doggy Daycare

located just west of gainesville in jonesville

Yippy…It’s Dancin’ Dogs for me!

Dogs are social animals and enjoy the companionship of other dogs.  After careful analysis of your dog’s personality, he or she will be placed with other dogs of similar personality traits.  They will socialize in one of our four large shady recreation areas where we provide plenty of toys, several splash areas and lots of loving.  We have a comfy sofa room with beds, blankets and pillows for nap time.  And, there will be plenty of treats throughout the day!!

The socialization provided by regular visits is invaluable!  Your dog will become more self confident and content.  Daycare provides relief from boredom.  It also helps ease separation anxiety and provides exercise.  Your dog will look forward to every visit!

We also provide a doggy pick up and delivery program.  Please call or schedule an appointment for more information, 352-257-9321.