Dog Boarding

located just west of gainesville in jonesville

Yippy…It’s Dancin’ Dogs for me!

Reservations are required!  We want your dog to get to know us before he stays with us so we require a reservation just for that purpose.  We will personally take time with you and your dog so the transition is less stressful for both of you.

The comfortable facility at Dancin’ Dogs has been designed to minimize the stress of being away from home.  The intimate setting allows our family members to give your dog the ultimate in care and attention.  We encourage you to bring your dogs’ favorite toy and blanket so he or she has something from home while staying with us.  If boarding more than one dog, we recommend they stay together in the same suite.  This gives them the security of having their best friend close by.

Climate controlled suites are filled with pleasant music and comfy cushions.  They open up into four large play areas with lots of toys and wading pools for their enjoyment.  Each dog is individually assessed and if temperament allows, they are put into carefully supervised play groups with dogs of similar personalities.  Your dog can play as much as he or she pleases throughout the day in these secure, shady play areas.

Our staff is comprised of dedicated family members who have a genuine concern for the well being of your dog.  We are focused on making sure your dog has the best experience he or she can have while away from home.  Combined, we have over 65 years experience raising and loving dogs of all breeds and temperament.

We take pride in the cleanliness of our facility.  We clean and disinfect our suites several times throughout the day.  We scoop the poop in the play areas after every dodo.  We would be happy to coordinate grooming services prior to pick up so you can take your dog home looking great and smelling clean.